• Sigillum Dei

    The Sigillum Dei was used by the magician to invoke, conjure, and exercise control over entities. One of the most famous historical figures to utilize the Sigillum Dei was mathematician, alchemist, and astrologer John Dee.
  • Carl Jung on Mandalas

    Carl Jung saw the link between mandala symbols and the need to find psychic balance and harmony. This process called individuation, involves the conscious integration of unconscious content, leading to a more complex and fulfilled sense of wholeness. Jung's recognition of the importance of mandalas, and their relation to our individual growth, led him to incorporate the drawing of mandalas as a part of his therapy practice.
    Here are some interesting quotes from Jung, about the significance of Mandalas:
  • Mystery of the Mask

    Since the beginning of recorded history, masks have been worn for magical and religious rituals, as well as for entertainment purposes. In many cultures the mask has been venerated as a sacred symbol, a living object with its own character or one that channels the spirit of another entity. The individual who wears the mask can magically give expression to, and temporarily become, the spirit represented by the mask.
  • Doors

    Doors and gates symbolize transition between here and there, awake and asleep, consciousness and subconsciousness, death and birth.
  • Mystery of the Spiral

    The Spiral pattern is an omnipresent feature of the universe.
  • Serpent Power

    Some spiritual traditions recognize an intelligent energy, or ‘Serpent Power’, that resides within every human. The ‘Kundalini’ lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is awakened and travels up through the body, activating various energy fields often termed chakras.
  • The Tree as Symbol

    The tree is one of the most recognizable and important archetypal symbols. It is no wonder many traditions around the world revere the tree as a sacred symbol.
  • Thoughts on Mandalas

    I’ve always been drawn to mandala designs, both as an artist and as one who appreciates beauty, history, and the depth of meaning behind symbols. A mandala is a grouping of symbols and geometric patterns often arranged in a circular design.
  • Symbology of the Circle

    The circle is likely the most recognizable and potent symbol we have..

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